About Us

About Us

Many have reinvented, a lot have pivoted, some have moved to other arenas to deal with the unprecedented impact of change.

Even with these changes, we believe in that adage, “Innovate or Stagnate”. Divy has germinated like a seed and is an IT & Business consulting company. We are a tech-savvy, people centric Australian firm providing high level, delivery focused solutions to its clients.

DIVY Consulting has a modern, flexible and scalable frameworks ready to deliver to the country’s largest public and private sector organisations business needs. Delving deeper into our clients’ challenges and technological requirements through our discovery framework, DIVY’s consultants work cohesively to attain one goal… that is, excellent and timely project delivery. Our consultants believe in teamwork. Divy Team Works.

TEAM Works

We believe in going with you in your journey. We communicate, we support, we deliver what you need.

We partner with you and become your trusted advisor.

Our TEAM Works – for you, with you and through a team of professionals, and brilliant minds that have come together to produce exceptional outcomes for your company. We make sure that you will experience our Team Works well with you!

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to deliver high calibre transformation projects for our clients supported by our global onshore and offshore teams.

Our collaborative multicultural teams alleviate our clients’ challenges and issues.

Divy embodies leadership, innovation and personal development. We work alongside our clients and consultants to supply the best skilled and experienced IT consultants that suit our client’s needs.

Our mission is to be at the forefront of solving business issues of our clients using the latest technology hand and hand with our most capable IT and business consultants.

Our Ethos


We treat people with respect and equality. We treat people with kindness, politeness and courtesy. We listen to various opinions and accept individual differences.


We treat our craft with outmost dedication. We assign the right people for the right project. We encourage continuous improvement and innovation.


Being honest and upfront with team members and clients is integral to building and sustaining long lasting relationships.


We believe in being fully responsible for our own actions and consequences and to be willing answer for the outcomes of our decision. Having the courage to exhibit integrity and accountability and being clear on what can be achieve.


We believe in managing time effectively, setting goals around what is valued most and creating a boundary between balancing work and personal life where possible. A good work-life balance creates harmony in each aspect of a person’s life and where benefits gained from one area, the support and strength is carried forward to the next.

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