About Us

About Us

Divy has been at the forefront of bespoke recruitment solutions. Our modern, flexible and scalable frameworks are delivered to the country’s largest public and private sector organisations. Delving deeper into their technological requirements through discovery workshops and a customised recruitment model, clients have been able to successfully scale, manoeuvre and evolve.

From matching the candidate with an organisation’s specific culture to recruiting the right resource with the precise mix of technology skills required for the project, the Divy approach eliminates the common pitfalls associated with skill validation, on-boarding and resource management.

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Divy recruits diverse and highly skilled specialist IT resources within the following sectors:

Mission & Vision

Divy embodies leadership, innovation and personal development. We work alongside our clients and consultants to supply the best skilled and experienced specialist IT resources to fit our client’s success criteria.

Our mission is to continue being at the forefront of bespoke recruitment solutions. Supplying high quality skilled and experienced specialist IT resources that both fit our client’s environment and budget, ultimately assisting organisations to achieve success through people.


Reaching Potential

We value our recruitment team and pride ourselves on continuously upskilling and cross skilling across different technologies, helping staff and clients alike to reach their potential.


We believe in managing time effectively, setting goals around what is valued most and creating a boundary between balancing work and personal life where possible. A good work-life balance creates harmony in each aspect of a person’s life and where benefits gained from one area, the support and strength is carried forward to the next.


We believe in being fully responsible for our own actions and consequences and to be willing answer for the outcomes of our decision. Having the courage to exhibit integrity and accountability and being clear on what can be achieve.

Fail Fast, Succeed Faster

We value extensive testing and incremental development to ascertain whether an idea has value. Knowledge gained from a failed attempt means that there is an increased probability of succeeding faster.


Being honest and upfront with team members and clients is integral to building and sustaining long lasting relationships.

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