Big Data Recruitment

A gold mine of information exists in your company's data.

The quality of a companies results are directly tied to the skill level of those performing the task

As big data professionals are faced with the task of balancing between collecting and analysing big data whilst ensuring confidentiality and security, how organisations interpret the data and what they do with it is vital. Despite the various software implements in the market, the key for departments who want to get quicker and more meaningful results, is people.

Data roles demand high level expertise that are held by a limited supply of talent. Despite these present talent shortages, our highly specialised Big Data and Data Analytics recruitment team will find you the candidates that have the essential skills and expertise to help you be more responsive to the needs of the business.

Our recruitment team recruit all areas of Big Data. Such as:

  • Data Architect
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Data Analyst
  • BI Engineer
  • BI Solutions Architect
  • BI Specialist
  • Analytics Manager
  • Data Visualization Developer

Harness your in-house skillset whilst simultaneously supplementing outside expertise and know-how with Divy

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