Candidate Attraction Strategy

The increasing global talent shortage is becoming a challenge for most businesses today, especially those looking to hire candidates within the highly specialised IT industry.

A candidate attraction strategy can make all the difference between looking for your ideal talent and actually having them come to you.

Download our guide for expert insights on:
1. Current state and challenges in IT recruitment
2. Recruiting in the digital age
3. 3.Employer brand and employee value proposition
4. Developing your candidate attraction strategy

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Building an Acquisition and Sourcing Strategy

Sometimes, the talent you need is either already hired or not actively looking for new opportunities. It is easy to go for the next available candidate, but wouldn’t it be better to get just the perfect fit? Learn how to build effective sourcing strategies!


Establishing Your Employer Brand

A reputable employer always attracts the best talents. What would you want your potential employees to hear about you? How do you want to position yourself as an employer? Get tips on establishing your employer brand!


Defining Your Employee Value Proposition

In the ICT sector, competition is high and talent supply is low. What can make you stand out from the rest is your employee value proposition (EVP). Find out how to develop an all-encompassing EVP for your company!


Supercharging Your IT Recruitment in a Digital World

In this digital world, businesses are now competing over “attention” rather than space. How can you stand out in the right market and be able to sustain that interest? Supercharge your IT recruitment today!